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Molly Gregory (L) and Heather Winfrey (R)

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What we do

We offer a wide variety of services to the aircooled crowd, located in SW Portland Oregon.

  • Advocate for you with your mechanic
  • Teach automotive basics
  • Teach wrenching skills in an individual and group class
  • Pre-inspection
  • Restoration project management
  • Research - not finding the answer you need? Let us help!
  • Parts Hunting - let me help you find that rare part!
  • Auto sales - let me help you sell your car

Although I do specialize in aircooled vw's (up to 1983), I can still assist with other cars.

Please contact me about your project!

What can you do?

Lets be honest, we love our vw's, but sometimes it takes more work than we originally thought. Over time you get to know your aircooled vw a little more intimately. Whether you are a new owner or a long time owner, sometimes you need help. This is where we can help.

It can be very helpful to learn about how your car works; making your relationship with your car, and your mechanic (sometimes the same person).

It takes time, be patient and never stop learning <3



"Big shoutout to Heather Winfrey, The creator of Meow Mechanics! Thank you for getting my coco puff purring like a kitten! #mydadwaswithus #womenempowerment." - Kayla

"Heather is patient, informed, and humble. She will be the first to tell you that she does not have all of the answers. But she has drive, intuition, resources, and a desire to help others achieve the empowerment, independence and pride of owning and working on a VW. Heather's passion is the reason I got in to Volkswagens, and I am forever grateful for her patience and willingness to help. " - Molly

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Phone:  (503) 862-7770

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